General Purpose

1.    The Today Public Policy Institute is an independent and impartial think-tank focusing specifically on public policies for the purpose of improving those policies or creating viable alternatives. It sponsors or initiates research  on specific problems, encourages solutions to those problems and facilitates a public debate among experts in those fields in pursuit of its goal to advise on any aspect of future planning and strategy affecting Malta.

2.    The Today Public Policy Institute is an autonomous, non-partisan and not for profit, non-governmental organisation. It is not affiliated to any political party or movement.


3.    The mission of The Today Public Policy Institute is to help in the development of sound public policies and to promote public understanding of issues of national importance.


4.    The Today Public Policy Institute consists of a Board of up to fifteen individuals from a range of disciplines and backgrounds and a Director General who organises the Institute’s work and chairs the Board.

Areas of Policy

5.    The Board focuses on five broad inter-locking areas of policy:

–     Governance and Public Administration, including the machinery of government, EU legislation, the judiciary and the law, public sector efficiency and local councils;

–    Sustainable Economic Development, including budgetary and fiscal, business and industrial, banking and finance, tourism, information technology, labour productivity and competitiveness and promoting innovation in science and technology;

–    Social Development, including human rights, education, women in society, children’s matters, ensuring the civil rights and freedoms of minorities, employment issues, demography, pensions, healthcare, social security, the role of civil society and the media, poverty reduction and nurturing civic responsibility;

–    Environmental Sustainability, including the state of the environment, waste management, water resources, urban regeneration, land use, energy efficiency and alternative resources, transportation policies, pollution and bio-diversity; and

–    International Relations, including national security, Malta’s place in the global community, relations with its neighbours, development cooperation and irregular immigration.

Conduct of Policy Studies

6.    Studies within these areas of policy are conducted by members of the Board acting as ‘Lead Authors’. They may also co-opt expert advisers and researchers as necessary to aid specific research. All studies are submitted to the Board for debate, final evaluation and policy decision.

7.    When endorsed by the Board, they are published widely for public discussion. Board members’ participation in specific reports produced for the Institute by Lead Authors in the think-tank is without prejudice to the policies and positions of their respective institutions or organisations, nor does it necessarily imply their endorsement of each of the conclusions and recommendations presented in such reports. The Board however ensures that the report as a whole is well-founded and worthy of consideration by government, senior policy-makers and the broader policy community and civil society as a whole.

Publication and Public Debate of Policy Studies

8.    After their promulgation for public discussion, The Today Public Policy Institute plans to stimulate a wide-ranging public debate on the issues raised through all the media available and the widest involvement of civil society. Policy studies completed by The Today Public Policy Institute are published in a bulletin annually, or more frequently if the Board judges the necessity to do so. A web-site will be set up to provide internet access to reports and other think-tank business.


9.    The Today Public Policy Institute is affiliated to other established think-tanks world-wide to ensure a regular exchange of ideas and information on an international basis.


10.    The Today Public Policy Institute’s headquarters is located in Malta at the Malta Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise, Exchange Building, Republic Street, Valletta, by kind courtesy of the Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise.


11.    Funding of The Today Public Policy Institute is provided through sponsorship and financial support from charitable institutions, foundations and other corporate bodies. Such funds are administered by a Trust , The Today Public Policy Charitable Trust. Its Deed explicitly provides that the work, policy or processes of The Today Public Policy Institute shall not be determined by the Trustees, and the Institute will retain its independence from the Trustees and/or sponsors when it comes to decisions in relation to its work, policy or processes. The criteria for sponsorship will explicitly provide that the autonomy and independence of The Today Public Policy Institute must be preserved.