The Peter Serracino Inglott Award will be presented annually to an individual or organisation who in the opinion of the Judging Panel appointed by TPPI makes an outstanding and significant contribution to civic thinking and engagement in a Maltese context.

2. Background

Father Peter was during his lifetime one of Malta’s foremost thinkers – he was a philosopher, theologian, academic, writer, mentor and priest.  Reflecting the Aristotlean idea that thinking is completed by action, one of the areas closest to Fr.Peter’s heart was civic participation and creative social innovation.

Father Peter was also one of the founding members of TPPI where he made a considerable contribution to the various issues on the agenda of the Institute. It is for these reasons that the institute in 2015 saw fit to establish this annual award in his memory for his contribution to civic thinking and engagement.

Civic engagement or civic participation has been defined as individual or collective actions designed to identify and address issues of public concern. The principle of civic engagement underscores the most basic aspect of democratic governance, i.e. that sovereignty ultimately resides in the people or citizenry.

Civic engagement can be defined as a means of working together to make a difference in the civil life of our communities and developing the combination of skills, knowledge, values and motivation in order to make that difference.  It means promoting a quality of life in a community, through both political and non-political processes.

Civic engagement can take many forms – from individual volunteerism to organisational involvement.  It can include efforts to directly address an issue, work with others in a community to solve a problem or interact with the institutions of representative democracy.

It is in the context of this definition of civic engagement that this Award is being introduced.

3. Eligibility for Consideration for the Award

The award will be given to an individual, organisation or institution selected for an initiative/project with civic participation and creative social innovation at its heart and one which has had a marked and positive impact on a sector of Maltese society.  This could include:

– An initiative that led to:

– an improved civic engagement in addressing a worthy cause,

– the implementation of effective social action, social integration or inclusion,

– an important contribution to education policy, programmes, the education  profession, student participation, guidance and support.

– An innovation that has had a marked improvement on the quality of life of a sector of our society,

– A volunteering endeavour aimed at addressing the needs of a particular social group or a measure to improve the act of voluntarism,

– Other nominations will be considered that have as their focus civic engagement.

4. Criteria for the Award

The criteria for judging nominations for the Peter Serracino Inglott Award will be based on the quality of the initiative, the social benefits it has achieved, the number of individuals it has positively affected, the prospects for its sustainability, its relevance and importance in the Maltese context.

5. Nominations for the Award

Nominations for the Award should be submitted under e-mail cover to joseph.v.tabone@gmail.com by the 30th June 2016.

The official business address of the Institute is:

The Today Public PoIicy Institute

c/o the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry,

Republic Street,


The nominations can be for an individual or an organisation and the nomination may be submitted by an individual or organisation and have the endorsement of the person or entity being nominated. Persons interested in submitting nominations may do so by using the attached form and sending this to the e-mail address shown above. The form may be complemented with additional related information, brochures or photographs

6. The Judging Panel

The nominations will be reviewed by a panel appointed by TPPI which may include members of the Institute and other eminent persons at the discretion of the Institute.  The panel will consist of a Chairman and four members and will in turn make its recommendation to the TPPI Board.

7. The Award

The Award will consist of a glass sculpture which will be symbolic of Father Peter’s virtues as thinker and civic activist.

The TPPI will present the Award in November 2016. Details of the Award ceremony arrangements will be communicated to nominees nearer the date.

8. Other

Persons seeking additional information about this Award should direct these to Joe Tabone, the TPPI Board member taking the lead for this year’s Peter Serracino Inglott Award project, as follows:

e-mail:  joseph.v.tabone@gmail.com

Phones: 2133 3324 or 9943 2714

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